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Suddenly Great Winds of Water

Video via Craig Shimala.

Last night, June 23rd, a spectacular storm boomed through Chicago. From the bottom my heart, it was the most marvelous storm I’ve seen with my two eyes. I watched the storm from my deck; I watched 80 mph wind gusts rip the shingles off my neighbors roof. My new roommate, Juan, was storing many things in that neighbors basement, and the basement flooded. Looking at the door afterward, a half-foot watermark. Their basement and Juan’s stuff is destroyed. Juan had to throw away many things (talk about Summer cleaning).

Three lightning bolts hit the three tallest buildings in Chicago — the Willis Tower (formally the Sears Tower), the Hancock Building, and the Trump Tower — the three bolts hit the three buildings simultaneously.

Soon after the storm lulled, it revealed one full-arching rainbow, and soon after, second rainbow, one atop the other.

“Wednesday’s storms towered up to 63,000 ft, unleashed 80 mph gusts, local 3″+ rains and 15,000 cloud to ground lightning strikes in a single hour.” — Chicagoweathercenter.com

Amazing video.

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