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INCITE! magazine has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the printing of issue #4, their largest, most ambitious issue to date, “which surveys the breadth of alternative media exhibition practice, from micro- to mobile to expanded + para-cinemas.”

This is a great publication and I highly recommend supporting it today by contributing to their Indiegogo campaign, and in return, you’ll get something special from them. Act now — there’s only four days left.

About the Issue:

With Amos Vogel’s passing in April 2012, American film culture lost one of its most passionate and influential iconoclasts. INCITE #4, “Exhibition Guide,” pays tribute to Vogel’s legacy, most notably Cinema 16, a precursor to the flourishing microcinema network of the 1990s and a forebear of today’s freewheeling cinespaces. In the age of so-called “participatory” media, in which people connect virtually using avatars and aliases to stream data on handheld devices, what binds these social cinematic sites, and makes them flourish?

While vertically mapping microcinemas of past and present, this issue also surveys the breadth of alternative media exhibition practice, from Dziga Vertov’s agit-train and Bill Brand’s metro Masstransiscope, to artists who use film without projectors and projectors without film. INCITE #4 seeks to engage the history of unconventional cinemas by zeroing in on those puzzle pieces that don’t quite fit. Lost-and-found in the couch cushions and idiosyncratically dog-eared, these are the components of itinerant and expanded cinema practices that don’t take place inside four-walled cinema chambers, on screens, online or, even, in a projector fashion. Hopefully, these aberrations will spur readers to reconsider the whole gambit of moving image exhibition.

You can view the Table of Contents for Issue #4 online here.

Contributors include: 40 Frames, Adam Abrams, Steve Anker, Rebecca Barten, Christina Battle, Scott Miller Berry, Bill Brand, David Cox, Bill Daniel, Clint Enns, Kate Ewald, Bradley Eros, The Flinching Eye Collective, Walter Forsberg, Brian L. Frye, Sandra Gibson, Elena Gorfinkel, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Sarah Halpern, Adelheid Heftberger, Kier-La Janisse, Michael Johnsen, Chris Kennedy, Richard Kerr, Bryan Konefsky, Christy LeMaster, Alain LeTourneau, Light Industry, Jeanne Liotta, Jesse Malmed, Kate MacKay, Alex MacKenzie, Caroline Martel, Theo Michael, Alice Moscoso, David Nelson, Gordon Nelson, Tara Merenda Nelson, Greg Pierce, John Porter, Luis Recoder, Marcus Rosenstrater, David Sherman, Spectacle, Tess Takahashi, tENTATIVELY, a CONVENIENCE, Donna de Ville, Jonathan Walley, Audrey Young

The website for the journal is here:

Details about our Indiegogo campaign are here:

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