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2011 Chicago Underground Film Festival Schedule, June 2–June 9

Below is the schedule for 2011 Chicago Underground Film Festival, which is this week, with opening night on Thursday, June 2. The 18th annual CUFF runs June 2–June 9 at the Gene Siskel Film Center. The festival will screen new work from Deborah Stratman, Ben Russell, Jesse McLean, Ben Rivers, Kerry Laitala, Leighton Pierce, Michael […]

ChromaKitten Presents: by Kerry Laitala

ChromaKitten Presents: from Kerry Laitala on Vimeo. ChromaKitten Presents: Chromatic Cocktails to Blow you Mind……. This is a “Flat” advertisement…. to bring ChromaKitten and her mind-bending, trance inducing 3D moving images to a city near you, contact: For more info about the work of Kerry Laitala, go to ChromaKitten Presents: Chromatic Cocktails to […]

Documentation of the Retrospectrocope Installation by Kerry Laitala

by Kerry Laitala (7 mins) “This is a documentation of the Retrospectroscope Installation, and was shot in my studio. The description is as follows: The Retrospectroscope is Kinetic sculpture, Gigantaurus Philosophical Toy Mixed Media using 4×5’ large format images, motorized mount, strobes and sound. The Retrospectroscope was made using a single sheet of Plexiglas, 5 […]

Hocus Pocus… ABRACADABRA!!! (2007) a Projector Performance by Kerry Laitala

Hocus Pocus… ABRACADABRA -Documentation of an Expanded Cinema Work, Kerry Laitala, Media used: 2 16mm projectors for loops, 35mm slide projector; video projection, and stereo soundtrack on CD, thanks to: Neal Johnson Hocus Pocus…. ABRACADABRA!!! A Projector Performance By Kerry Laitala-2007 “Hocus Pocus… ABRACADABRA!!!” pays tribute to spirit photography EVP recordings (electronic voice phenomenon recordings), […]

Frames: Kerry Laitala: Chromatic Cocktail Straight-Up (2009) and Chromatic Cocktail Extra Fizzy (2009)

Chromatic Cocktail Straight-Up, Kerry Laitala, 2009, 9 min, film/video Hybrid, silent Chromatic Cocktail Extra Fizzy, Kerry Laitala, 2009, 9 min, film/video hybrid, sound “Motion/color/light studies shot in my studio” — Kerry Laitala “Motion/color/light studies shot in my studio.”The vibrant, abstract spirals of Kerry Laitala’s experiments with chromavision leap off the screen in pulsating 3-D.” — […]