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Frames: Kerry Laitala: Chromatic Cocktail Straight-Up (2009) and Chromatic Cocktail Extra Fizzy (2009)


Chromatic Cocktail Straight-Up, Kerry Laitala, 2009, 9 min, film/video Hybrid, silent

Chromatic Cocktail Extra Fizzy, Kerry Laitala, 2009, 9 min, film/video hybrid, sound

“Motion/color/light studies shot in my studio” — Kerry Laitala

“Motion/color/light studies shot in my studio.”The vibrant, abstract spirals of Kerry Laitala’s experiments with chromavision leap off the screen in pulsating 3-D.” — Kathy Geritz and Irina Leimbacher

Sound accompanies Extra Fizzy version: a collaboration between Nurse with Wound and Stereo Lab. Song entitled: “Simple Headphone Mind.”


Kerry Laitala finally has a website! http://www.kerrylaitala.net/


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