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Sparkling I & Sparkling II (2010) by Petra Cortright

:’ |._ ~**~ _.:’ |._ ~**~ _.: (sparkling I & II) .*` .* ;`*,`., `, ,`.*.*. *.*` .* ;`*, Petra Cortright, 2010, Video

I have been following Petra Cortright for aeons. I see Sparkling I and Sparkling II as her best work thus far.

Click the above, or click heer, to watch Sparkling I & II. Be sure to Sychronize the videos.

Stay tuned for a dinca-petra interview. Great job, Pet!


  • Shutup says:

    This is retarded. Post real art.

  • Shutup,

    I don’t know what’s buggin’ you, but it’s apparent that you’re buggin’ out!
    Petra makes art.

    And we return to the age-old question, “What is art?” People tell me wikipedia has all the answers.

  • lb says:

    if no one has found a global valid answer to that question (what is art?) yet, then there is no answer! which means it can be anything an artist wants to make – the only difference is that, generally, it just reaches a wider audience (surpasses the edge from the unknown to the world) if, obviously, is welcome and loved. i think it’s pretty straight forward. nothing is retarded and nothing is too clever.

    petcort FTW

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