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The Video Home System

Their site has been inactive for some time now, but when active, Video Home System posts golden videos. The above is one of my favorites from Video Home System and the video is supposedly a universal (and generic) video greeting card called a Cardsette. The video features a flawless cover of “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang; fantastic dancing and dialogue included.

In the ’80s, if your grandson were to graduate high school, you would send him this VHS video to congratulate him on the hard work, and he would be overwhelmed with feelings of joy and pride. The video greeting was directed with intentions to place you in the video — this is your party — everyone at this fantastic party is here to support you, and they want to show you a fantastic time.

What if an eight-year-old received this Cardsette; would he understand it; would he care? I imagine an eight-year-old would prefer partying with babies, rather than this wacky group of 30-70 year-olds who hit balloons whenever they speak.

Video Home System Mission Statement:

Video Home System is a collection of video clips pulled from VHS tapes that most of the world has never seen or heard of.  We’ve spent the last ten years scouring every thrift store, garage sale, flea market and pawn shop to find the weirdest of the weird, and um, the obscurest of the obscure.  We’re a little late to the party as of course The Found Footage Festival, TV Carnage, etc. have been around much longer.  But at least we’re at the party now.  Where should we put our coats?

Website: http://videohomesystem.com

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  • Will Thomas says:

    great gem.

    the open-ended dialogue is awesomely ridiculous,
    wildly impersonal, and a little sad.

    “I love celebrating accomplishments!”


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