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Underground Film Loop Links culled weekly by Badlit.com

Around two months ago, one of my favourite underground film journals, badlit.com, started a handy roundup up notable posts, culled from the corners of the somewhat established underground film loop. If you enjoy underground film, or have interest in discovering something new, subscribe to the badlit RSS feed, or simply check badlit.com every Sunday.

Also, I’m working on expanding the dinca-hosted undergroundfilmloop, which will be a separate micro-site with categorized links by blog/website/journal, filmmakers/artists, writers/poets, and more.

So, in the words of Zira, the companion of Cornelius in Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971), aka Planet of the Apes 3: “It’s grape juice, plus!” In other words, this will be a undergroundfilmloop, plus (!).

Summer is prime for the exc!amation po!nt. (My rule is keep yourself to 2-3 per summer writing; with this post I’ve already exceeded my limit.) (However, there is no cap on thinking with an exclamation point, for it is a recipe for joy.)

Folks, it’s time to get to work.

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