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Video Party Fliers by Lucky PDF

For the past two years, the ‘post-internet’ crew Lucky PDF have been releasing some interesting video fliers on the internet to promote live events, aka IRL parties. The genre of “video party flier” is still inchoate — perhaps it’s best described as an amalgam of promo flier and video entertainment — and aesthetic styles vary. Lucky PDF is in the vanguard of video flier development: they glean and integrate trendy aesthetics from other mediums into their video flier work, which creates some pleasant cross-media-pollination.

Pervading Lucky PDF’s video fliers are heavy influences of slick contemporary web design, 3D animation, video art, contemporary graphic design, and euro-style typography; all typically leavened with a sprinkle of flippancy. Lucky PDF reside in the UK, thus I’ve never been to any of these parties, yet these video fliers are successful in communicating, “cool, it’s party time.”

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