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Video Weavings by Stephen Beck

“I believe in spiritual technology.” — Stephen Beck

Have you been weaved? What are you waiting for?

Stephen Beck on his video weavings (1973-1976):

My work is to make something beautiful with technology. I believe in spiritual technology. Video Weavings is a link between the modern (video) and the ancient (weaving) technologies. Video Weavings are based on poetic mathematical rhymes, or algorithms, visualized in real time on the warp and weft of video’s horizontal and vertical scanning electron beams, color phosphors, plasma cells, and LCD pixels.
In my Video Weavings, millions of patterns appear, many of which resemble or replicate the same patterns found in textiles woven by ancient peoples such as the Pueblos of the southwestern North American continent, the Nairobi of Africa, the Hindu of India, the Aborigines of Australia, and by many peoples in China and Japan.
The idea, then, for Video Weavings is to reflect upon, acknowledge and honor the links between the most modern electronic visual display systems, and the ancient art of weaving, though the common connection of the matrix.


Stephen Beck’s video weavings play on the jumbo screen at Shea Stadium in New York

For more on his video weavings, visit Stephen Beck’s website.

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