X (2012) by Max Hattler

“X” by Max Hattler, 2012 “X” by Max Hattler, 2012 “X” by Max Hattler, 2012 "X" by max hattler

Max Hattler Canal CommissionKXFS, Goods Way, London, 6-16 Sep, 2012, 6 min, video, sound

Max Hattler and his bright team were commissioned to project light onto water. The equation = X, an ethereal mist display emblazoned with geometric shapes and forms that dance a technicolored correspondence of light and new age dazzle.

Directed by: Max Hattler.
Sound and music: Eduardo Noya Schreus.
Animation: Matt Abbiss, Tony Comley, Valeria Fonseca, Max Hattler, Siobhan Mcelhinney, Luiz Stockler.
Special Thanks to Sandra Sykorova.


X by Max Hattler

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