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Invitation: Phil Solomon’s American Falls at the Museum of Moving Image, 10.3.12

Phil Solomon
American Falls
Museum of Moving Image
Wednesday, October 3, 2012
(RSVP to rsvp@movingimage.us by Monday, October 1)

American Falls is a phenomenal installation, and it’s always a treat to hear Phil elucidate his work, so if you’re in the NYC area, don’t miss this opening — RSVP today.

Phil Solomon, who has been making films since 1979, is known for his “image alchemy,” manipulating existing and original footage to create evocative, dreamlike works that reveal subterranean depths in the imagery. While Solomon frequently works in a miniaturist scale with such formats as 16mm film and video, his triptych film American Falls, presented at the Museum as an installation in the third-floor Changing Exhibitions Gallery, is appropriately monumental in form and scope, taking as its subject nothing less than the promise and the failure of the American Dream through the twentieth century. This is a special opportunity to see American Falls and to also see Solomon introduce a selection of his work in the Main Theater. Included in the theater program is a trilogy of works composed entirely of footage from the video game Grand Theft Auto. — Museum of Moving Image



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