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2 Experimental Films | Found Footage

Cowboys Were Not Nice People (1990)

Back in the day when Non-Linear Editing systems were just emerging, and before Final Cut Pro existed, Larry Kless was optically printing this film; reproducing, superimposing, and compositing found footage, frame by frame. Optical printing is a dying art , and as far as I know, Kless doesn’t have any others films on the internet.

Artist Statement: History paints a heroic picture of the so-called “cowboys” of history. Using the hero as a metaphor to questions his validity, this film explores the mythical frontiers of western culture and the romanticism of colonialism.

Charlie Rose (2008)

Charlie Rose screened at the 2008 Chicago Underground Film Festival; it was featured in New York Magazine; and it was featured on the email list-server, Very Short List, but no one truly understands what Very Short List is.

Synopsis: Microsoft or Yahoo? Google?

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