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Bjorn Copeland's Artwork Visits Chicago


The artwork of Bjorn Copeland, a NYC-based artist and musician of Black Dice, will be featured at Ebersb9 — the Chicago gallery will host the exhibit July 17-August 15.  Fecal Face webzine corespondent Ryan Christian curated the control c, control v exhibits, which, other than Bjorn Copeland, will feature the works of:

Eric Yahnker
Alexis Mackenzie
Hisham Akira Bharoocha
Brion Nuda Rosch
Matt Irie
Hilary Pecis.

If you’re a fellow Chicagoan, do not miss this!  A perfect first-date opportunity.  And when they ask you who sent you, tell ’em Dinca sent you.

Recently, the webzine FECAL FACE visited the studio of San Francisco-based artist, Alexis Mackenzie.  They interviewed her (see video below).  Alexis doesn’t mind cutting up old books.

Alexis Mackenzie Studio Visit

Photo Gallery Thumbnail Index (below):

Bjorn Copeland: Rows 1 + 2

Alexis Mackenzie: Rows 3+4

Hisham Akira Bharoocha: Row 5


Bjorn Copeland interview w/ Fecal Face

Eric Yahnker Interview

Alexis Mackenzie’s Official Website

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