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Hyper Geography by Joe Hamilton

Hyper Geography from Joe Hamilton on Vimeo.

Hyper Geography, Joe Hamilton, Australia, 2011, video, 1 min, color, sound

As we wend our way through Hyper Geography (2011), we see a floating iPhone o’er an icy landscape; a USB storage stick hovers in a valley; it’s an amalgamation of the digital experience, the material experience, and the natural experience — the daily experience — a certain ode to our inundation of technology and the speed at which things are moving.

At a one minute duration, the video seems a little too brief, but perhaps it serves as a snippet of a larger, shared experience, especially considering its abrupt start and end points. It’s a video component to Joe Hamilton’s “Hyper Geography” internet art project, a project hosted on the tumblr platform featuring “100 looping posts that link together horizontally and vertically.” See the result at http://hypergeography.com.


Joe Hamilton’s website


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