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Jenny Holzer | Project Protect


Mouth watering imagery from Jenny Holzer’s “Truisms” exhibit;

Some of these light text installations are featured in “Project Project,” the current Holzer retrospective @ the Whitney Museum of American Art.  The exhibit currently is in NYC—I am crossing my fingers I make my way to NYC before this exhibit ends.

More on Jenny Holzer here.


Artist Jenny Holzer shares her thoughts on twitter w/ the NY Times Mag:

Text messaging and Twittering have kind of taken the aphorism and made it a lingua franca in most Western cultures. Do you have an opinion on this kind of communication, which certainly indicates that we as a culture are in need of constant text-based communication with one another?

If Twittering were to help with loneliness, that would be nice. I don’t tweet because,among other things, someone impersonating me and proffering my text does. I am interested in the use of Twitter for frontline news, to assemble demonstrators when other communications are cut, to track flu, or to identify happy trendy fascinations.

How does it link with your Truisms, assuming it does at all?

Shorter is better?

Read the full interview...

Happy Saturday to all!

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