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Meatcutters Inc.

Warning: Vegans and vegetarians may find this disturbing. These videos pick up where Food Inc. left off.

Seven or Eight years ago, a good friend threw me a Cold Steel disc, and that really heated up my house and my appetite for sharp knives. Actually, I don’t care about knives at all, but I do care about these videos. It brings a smile to my face to see a dude in a bowling shirt aggressively slash hanging meat. Cinder blocks, reed bundles, larger pieces of meat — the Cold Steel cutters up the ante every time.

I have two roommates that work in the meat department at Whole Foods. They cut meat daily; unfortunately, they don’t cut meat in an empty room with this much passion.

One must ask the question, does the Cold Steel crew eat the meat afterwards?

The blade of the Kurki = avant-garde.

Now that I have watched 10 of these videos, I want to buy Cold Steel products.


Official Website for Cold Steel Knives and Weapons

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  • Will Thomas says:


    i just watched all of these.
    there is so much i could say.

    great post.


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