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Purple Rain by Prince and Geoffrey Pugen

Purple Rain from Geoffrey Pugen on Vimeo.

Here is a little video of a car, a little virtual modeling by Geoffrey Pugen, driven by the purple-music of Prince’s rain.

The car is purple and there is purple rain raining, much like the song. Is anyone in the car, we do not know. What we see is an expressionistic, soft and delicate automotive compliment to the timeless ballad of “Purple Rain.” Oh, the pathos (but this rendering borders on the bathos).

We all actually know that Prince made a wicked feature film titled Purple Rain (1984), over 20 years ago, and he drove a smoking motorcycle in the film, not a car, and it was a biopic, and we very well know that biopics often win the awards. Regardless, this short animation gives us a purple reason to drive our purple car into the Purple Rain. Purple pedal to the metal.

Purple Rain means a lot of things, but what does this video mean to you?

I don’t drive a car, so I’m asking for help.

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