CH1C4G0 D1RTY N3W M3D1A: Round Robin, at the MCA, 10/16/12

Chicago Dirty New Media: Round Robin Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (map) Organized by the MCA and Nick Briz 6pm Tomorrow, 10/16/12, the MCA is hosting a real-time audio and video performance event exalting the Chicago Dirty New Media movement, aka Ch1c4g0 D1rty N3w M3d1▲, a movement typified by […]

The Waiting Game by Chris Collins

Chris Collins, a Chicago-based new media artist, is no stranger to the mundane. He’s rifled through the world of instagram, searching for the world’s most boring instagram photos; subsequent to that, he created, where you have the privilege of choosing which photos are most boring. He’s also been crafting animated .gifs about a never-ending […]

“/SYS” by The-Drum, video by Theodore Darst

The-Drum & Theodore Darst, Chicago, 2012, 4 min An idyllic, undulating wonderland with intimations of LSD (Lake Shore Drive, Chicago), and blots aplenty in the palette of purple, green, grey, and blue. “/Sys” is the first single off The-Drum’s “Sense Net EP” available via Mishka.   More: The-Drum on Soundcloud Sense Net EP Theodore Darst’s website Theodore Darst interview […]

DINCA Recommended: Dark Horse by Todd Solondz

Todd Solondz’s Dark Horse (2011, 86 min, 35mm) “Finish the spreadsheets.” Todd Solondz, master of the pitch-black suburban satire, doesn’t make films that are easy to digest. To some, Solondz may seem to practice a sadistic cinema of cruelty, callously exploiting subject matter, such as pedophilia and teen pregnancy, that would be too controversial for most […]

Goldie (2012) by Carl Ryan Stemple

2012, Chicago/US, 3 min, video, color, sound Edited in homage to the august Martin Arnold — and following the Martin Arnold editing method — Goldie (2012) starts with the public domain, procuring footage from the old cartoon Felix the Cat and the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg (1936), and deconstructing a sequence therefrom of a goose laying an […]

2012 Onion City Film Festival & Schedule

Last night, the 2012 Onion City Film Festival opened at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Today through Saturday night, the Onion City Film Festival continues with screenings at Columbia College Chicago. If you’re in Chicago or the midwest, don’t miss this superlative programming event of avant-garde and experimental film and video. $8 general for each […]