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8 Films by Animal Charm

Stuffing by Animal Charm

Nothing is safe from Animal Charm: They’ll eat garbage and cough up an avant garde gem.

Animal Charm is the found footage collaborative of Rich Bott and Jim Fetterly.  Gleaning outdated footage from VHS and Beta Max tapes that’d you find at a garage sale or your local Goodwill, Bott and Fetterly deconstruct then construct absurd, experimental videos that they piece together with heavy visual looping, manipulative editing, and sometimes abrasive audio looping.  Bott and Fetterly really get off by subverting the original intentions of their source material — corporate videos, consumer instructional videos, Hollywood movies, jewelry videos, and so forth — have all been used and abused by Animal Charm.  Nothing is safe.

Animal Charm employs a special combination of jump cuts paired with bizarre image/audio loops, which results in an arousal of emotional responses — hypnotic, psychedelic, surreal — some viewers that are sheltered from avant-garde cinema may become annoyed, but it’s the unpredictable humor and feverish montages that make the films of Animal Charm a must see for fans of the avant-garde cinema.

Below are seven more films from Animal Charm, including Family Court, Slow Gin Slow Stallion, EDGE TV, Mark Roth, Computer Smarts, Getting Ready to Use Your VCR, and New Yoga I.  You can purchase Animal Charm’s anthology, Golden Digest, through Facets Videotheque and Other Cinema DVD.  Additional films by Animal Charm can be purchased through the Chicago-based Video Data Bank.

Family Court by Animal Charm

Family Court and Slow Gin Slow Stallion are featured on Animal Charm’s Golden Digest anthology.

Slow Gin Soul Stallion by Animal Charm

EDGE TV by Animal Charm

EDGE TV is featured on DVD, via Cinemad: Almanac 2009.

Mark Roth by Animal Charm

Computer Smarts by Animal Charm

Computer Smarts is featured on Animal Charm’s Golden Digest anthology.

Getting Ready to Use Your VCR by Animal Charm

New Yoga I by Animal Charm

I’m not absolutely positive that New Yoga I was made by Animal Charm. It’s possible there is a youtube impostor out there. Can someone please verify?

Stayed tuned, for Dinca will be posting more videos by Animal Charm.


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